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Owner and Proprietor, David Lamn has been sweeping the Raleigh area since 1988. Having a Bachelors Degree from Appalachian State University, David was first introduced to Chimney sweeping in 1987. David is currently certified by the North Carolina Chimney Sweeps Association and was formerly certified by the CSIA. As a Master Sweep in the industry, he is fully qualified to inspect, diagnose, repair and install any and all systems related to the chimney or fireplace and also dryer venting systems.

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Business Hours
Daily Appointments can be made from:

8:30am, 10:30am, 12:30am, 2:30am, 4:30am: Monday-Friday

10:30am, 12:30pm, and 2:30pm: Saturday

1:30pm to 3:30pm: Sunday (October Through December)

Phone: 919.782.2879

      • NCCSA certified Chimney Sweep
      • Masonry Skill Development
      • Diagnosis & documentation technique
      • NFPA 211 standard continued development

Dustless Spot-Free Sweeping - No Mess - Guarantee

Classic Chimney Sweeps
5801 Deblyn Ave.
Raleigh, NC 27612

Phone: 919.782.2879

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